Other Aircraft Info Is All 0

I’m looking at other aircraft on the map on Expert, and all of them show the same information:

User Information:

  • Identifyer:
  • XP: 0
  • Flight Time: 0hr0mn
  • Landings: 0
  • Violations: 0
  • Online Flights: 0

I have not experienced this before.


I’ve noticed that too

Maybe try to restarting your phone or re-installing infinite flight?

I think the issue is more server related

Last night I also had the same problem. It stopped when I opened a new flight. Can you start a new flight?

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It could be a remnant from the issue we had yesterday.
How long have you been in session @dca.iad.aviation?

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1 hour and 34 minutes since I spawned in

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Just checked myself and are seeing the same thing.
We’ll look into it later on.

Not the biggest priority late on a Sunday :)


To be honest I really don’t care LOL Because it’s not really harming anyone

Thanks! This can be closed, and just let us know when there is an update on the issue!

Keeping it open given others will notice it too. No need for a zillion topics for the same thing :)


*flashback to me making a topic about this exact thing *

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Which was yesterday when we had a much larger issue. Since then been restored but now the data download fails. Not affecting anything else.


I just assumed that this showed up for those who were yet to update to 20.2; it would show this for users who were not on the beta programme. Good to know that this may not be the case.

Can also Reproduce this issue myself

I’ve got this issue since yesterday, maybe just 2 out of ten still showing up their stats and the rest just blank or zero.

I updated the server with some fixes for this, it should improve once everyone starts a new flight. I’ll keep an eye on this, sorry for the inconvenience everyone


I’ve had this same issue for the last couple days too.

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Glad to know it will be fixed so I can brag to my friend about not being Grade 3 😎

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still get this issue on flights