Other Aircraft Appear as Boxes

Storage does not affect an apps ability to run properly. On a PC yes but tablets and mobile devices in general don’t suffer from this issue.

Make sure airplane count is on ‘Very High’

I’m sure that a screenshot (if possible), may help developers to have a better viewpoint about what’s going on.

Any chance its a new WiFi router and or network?

I also experienced this issue sometimes. Although when I quit and come back after 30 mins, It will come back to normal

(I’m using Vivo V3)

Nope - same old, same old. In fact, the speed is faster than usual

And @SingaporeAirlines , I only realise once I have filed my flight plan and have taxied so it is quite a large inconvenience

@Flying-Switzerland, I see no use in it but here is a screenshot:

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Same issue there… and I have a powerful internet connection.

Try going to settings in Infinite Flight->Live->Airplane Count->Very High
If that doesn’t work then sorry at least I tried.

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I already have it on high, but thanks for helping. I think the only way to progress is for some staff intervention

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Do you mean high or very high? It should be on Very High.

Ok First of all, what iPad Pro are you using? There are 4 now. iPad Pro 12.9 in. 1st Generation, iPad Pro 9.7 in., iPad Pro 10.5 in., iPad Pro 12.9 in. 2nd Generation.

In what way does that really matter? All of them can handle it at max.



As many others mentioned, this can be the case based on many things like device, connection, server performance, etc. I’ll request a reset so it’s all fresh, but I always recommend an app reinstall as well. I use the Pro as well and have experienced similar issues that seemingly resolved itself after restarting device, reinstalling, or even finding myself with a better connection. Let us know if it continues after a day or two! We apologize for any inconvenience.



The hardware is slightly different in some of them though. I don’t think it’s an issue of power, since as you said, all iPad Pros can handle IF at max settings.

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Yes, but in all honestly it’s still irrelevant as there are people with other devices who experienced the same. Even Android devices.

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Ok. If other people had the same issue, it probably does not do with hardware.

Thank you very much Tyler! Could you let me know when the reset has happened. In the mean time I will reinstall etc and get back to you.Thanks!


Wilco! Just shoot me a message tomorrow if it persists. Thanks for the help, all.