otg cable?

Do you need an OTG cable to use a joystick on android? or can you connect via bluetooth? I do not have an otg cable.


You can find all the information you need in here:

It seems like you do need a cable.


I read that and thought that was the only way, so I was confirming. I was looking for an alternative way, but I may need to get IF on my iPhone instead.

Currently, there is no way of using a joystick directly connected to an iOS device. For iOS, there is LiveFlight Connect.

no, I mean using live flight on android without the otg. I have used liveflight connect on my phone and that worked. but that isn’t an android…

Oh, okay. I got a bit confused there.
Oh well, for Android - OTG cable it is…

well thank you very much for the help

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