Oslo wall direction Europe

I do not know if the developers have seen it, but if you fly out of Oslo in the direction of Europe example Amsterdam then you see an increase …

It stretches for a very long time as a line I also took 2 screenshots …

Cach I did not get better anyway …

A flight from Oslo to Paris Orly

I hope it gets fixed …


This is not precisely an issue.
We currently do not have any accurate topography above the 60th parallel. So it’s all flat.
We are working on adding it, but it’s hard to find the data we need to make it work properly in the app :)


Adding on to what Seb said: Take a look at the post below to understand where we have topography. :)

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Alright, thank you, I wanted to show again that it looks like this

It’s very obvious in Norway as the terrain are quite elevated around those parts of the country :)