Oslo troll airfield

Hi! Bey then, we all know about the dream liner that landed, an Antarctica coming in from Oslo. This flight was historical, so I decided to re-create the flight

Flight info
Flight time 18H6minutes

I departed Oslo at 5:11 PM

After takeoff, I overflew ESGG, which I have reported on. This is when I flew from ESGG - KJFK

We then flew over the Sahara Desert the Sahara Desert covers ten different countries they are Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan, and Tunisia. The Sahara Desert is the hottest desert in the world and the third-largest desert overall, just smaller than the desert and Antarctica in the northern Arctic

The sun began to rise as we were flying over Namibia, Which means that we were getting close to our destination

As we were on the lengthy final, the captain took a photo of Lion’s Head. Lion’s “Head is known for its views of both the city and the Atlantic Seaboard, and the hour-long walk to the top is particularly popular during full moon. Its slopes are also used as a launching point for paragliders.”

I departed Cape Town at 11:03AM I did not get a photo of my departure From Cape Town, only the Arrival at Troll Airfield. The runway is hard to see. After doing a poor go-around, I descended to 50 feet and could barely see the runway. I ended up touching down after I saw the runway. Once I flew over, it was a challenging AIRPORT and the most challenging AIRPORT I have ever landed

This flight was inspired by the real life flight by Norse Airlines


I’m confused, E or l?

I’m sorry?

Now thats the wrong by to use…

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essg or lssg?

I cannot seem to find it

lsgg or esgg, its in the title

Can you take a screenshot of it and show me I cannot find it

this strange phnomena:

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Where is ENOE? I tried going there a couple days ago but it wouldn’t come up on the search menu.

Edit: nvmd it’s AT27.


Oh I see it is LSGG

Yes it is AT27 on IF but IRL it is ENOE