Oslo flyout event part 1

Hey all, I just wanna share a couple screenshots from today’s Oslo flyout event. There are many screenshot taken so I’ll post them in two parts. Anyway here are the first few.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: SAS A320
Flight #: 815
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

At Gate

Waiting for other aircraft to cross the taxiway before moving into the line

British A320 on takeoff roll

Taxiing behind 3 aircraft

More aircraft joining in

Takeoff roll

We’re airborne

A view of Oslo airport


Flying alongside @Captain_Angell


I received a violation because I was presented with something in real life, so I had to deviate, and take a long turn, then when I returned to the controls I did not realize that there was already approach control and unintentionally I got into traffic illegally and for not having enough separation they put me level 2 infraction 🗿

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