Oslo Fly-Out Event pictures | ENGM - LOWI

Today’s Fly out Event by @Butter575 got attended by many pilots. Here are some pictures I captured during and after the event.

Flight Infos

Aircraft: B738
Livery: Norwegian
Route: Oslo, ENGM - Innsbruck, LOWI

  1. Two British, two Norwegian planes.

2. @IF.NORWAY landing, while I’m holding short.

shall we ignore the Jetstar A320 in the background?

3. Blasting out of Oslo’s Lufthavn

4. @OregonAviaton cruising 2000ft above me

5. It’s getting darker as we fly over the Czech Republic.

I’d recommend to put your screen brightness now up to see the night pictures better

6. EDDM Munich to see here

7. Circling

8. Landing

9. At the terminal

I Hope you liked those pictures
A big thank you to Butter575 for this great event.


What’s your most favourite picture?

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That was a great event from @Butter575

Nice flight report

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Nice trip report. Glad you could attend

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🥰 awsome pic nr 2

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