Oslo airport spotting 19/20-June 2018

Did some spotting after work yesterday and today. Sharing some photos here. ©️
Hope you enjoy!
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Air Bridge Cargo 747-8F Reg. VQ-BLR

Atlas Air Cargo 747-400F Reg. N445MC

Korean Air Cargo 777F Reg. HL8077

VistaJet Bombardier Challenger 605

Vueling A320 touch down

Croatian Airlines CRJ-1000. Aircraft leased from Air Nostrum.

Beech Super King Air 200 Air Ambulance landing in crosswind

Lufthansa A320 in crosswind

SAS A330-300 lining up. Reg. LN-RKO «Sigrid Viking»

KLM 737-800


These pictures are stunning!! Good Job!

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Nice pics! Liked the Vueling a320 a320.

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Wow! Those are some of the clearest shots I’ve seen on here in a while. You should consider uploading those to Planespotters .net or some other plane spotting site, because those are some pictures to be proud of my man!


That King Air though! That’s a text book crosswind landing. Upwind wheel first. Lovely photos Andre as always. 💯


That ABC 748F looks beastly. And SAS A330, always a Beauty to see 😍
Great Pictures again! :)

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Nice photos and planes, congrats!

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That Korean Air 777-200F is simply magnificent.

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That 747 and 777 is amazing…

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Glad to hear that you liked my photos! Thank you all!

I’m still learning and still have a long way to go to be a pro.
Camera: EOS700D
My next step is a new lens. I’m using a Canon 55-250 IS 1:4-5,6. Not so good in low light conditions and photos tend to be a bit blurry at the edges.
Looking to buy a Sigma 70-200 f2,8 or a Canon 70-200 f4/L IS. And I want a 150-600 too lol.
Still waiting for advice from @cleipelt ;-)

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Amazing as always! 😄

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