OSL Procedures

OSL, ENGM Procedures and Terminal Arrangement


Oslo is split into A, B, C, D and F gates, in 4 different terminals. I’m going through these so you know where to spawn.

A-Gates are domestic only. This is the main terminal at the west of the airport

B-Gates are domestic only, they are located South of the A-Gates at the west of the airport

C- & D-Gates
Both of these are located in the new terminal.
The new terminal has two floors, making it possible for both domestic and international flights to leave from here.

E-Gates are international inside Schengen. This is the main terminal on the east of the airport

F-Gates are located at the end of the East terminal and is for non-Schengen flights. Those are for the most part where wide bodies leave from


In Norway it is normal procedure to not push all the way back to the taxi line. It’s common procedure to push back around half the way, start your engines and turn the aircraft onto the taxiway after that, like shown in the screenshot below

Thank you for reading, have a great FNF!

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