Oshkoshkohskoshokshosh Day 1

Hey everyone, after months, I’m back with another spotting topic. School is winding down before the winter holidays, and I’ve finally gotten around to editing my Oshkosh pics! These brought back some great memories, and I hope they give you a glimpse of what an amazing place it is (unless you’ve already been). We arrived into Milwaukee in the afternoon, and drove straight past Oshkosh. To get to our hotel in Appleton, of course. We then filled our stomachs with cheese curds, and headed down to the airshow. We got there around 5 PM, and went around viewing some of the static displays before eventually getting situated for the spectacular night time airshow. I didn’t take many photos of the airshow, since I wanted to take in the experience. On to the photos, if anyone read this.

Starting off the static displays is this US Army AH-64 Apache. No idea how this thing flies.

A more friendly looking aircraft, a CH-47 Chinook in a lovely black paint job

A magnificent Viper sadly being static :(

Boeing’s Eco-Demonstrator 777 that would eventually depart the next day.

A pair of sexy L-39’s

One of my last pics of the day, a Cessna 170 with floats taxiing out for departure before the darkness fell. Some lovely lighting on this one.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back with more photos though :) Adios





Great shots @Aviation108! Oshkosh is always certainly a special place for avgeeks! I have yet to go there, tho 🥲

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that might be a 160th bird 👀


Physics check out

@Thomas_Cunningham, thanks! You’ve got to make the trip someday.

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once i recovered from the brain seizure i suffered after reading the title, i came to the conclusion that the pictures are great! Especially love that last one.


So cool to be up close and personal with these massive birds.

Awesome shots!

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I’m glad the title had its desired effect, and thanks!

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT indeed it is! Thanks!


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