Oshkosh virtual fly in?


I was seeing if there was any Oshkosh events in infinite flight virtually. I wanted to see if we could set something up for the whole week where we have ATC controllers controlling the air space. Id like this on expert server we do military fly in’s some commercial fly in’s based on the actual lineup of air venture and mass arrivals of ga. If there isn’t anything planned please feel free to shoot me a message doesn’t matter if you are a controller an enthusiast or an advid flyer.

Really hope we can get this to work. As i am an alumni volunteer from air venture and it means allt to me unfortunately I can’t be there this year so this would do.

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Hello, Dylan! Sorry you can’t make it this year but we’ll definitely be celebrating virtually this year as well. You can find all of the details for our official event on the Casual Server here:

I hope to see you there! Rock your wings. ✈️


@Tyler_Shelton see u there next week

Unfortunately I won’t be there in person this year but be sure to say hey to the team for me again. I’m glad we could cross paths in Houston at least!

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Roger will do

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