Oshkosh region: any IRL flights between the main airports?

I was wondering if any of the american carriers fly between the airports in the region with A319/20 or B737/738.
Google didn’t help.

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Shouldn’t this go in #real-world-aviation if your talking about flights IRL?

Changed. Thanks.

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I don’t think so. Region is too small and there is likely mot enough flying O&D to support reularly scheduled flights between any city

United Express flies or flew CR2s from ORD to GRB though.


That’s sad. Its the only region I haven’t used.

Ya lots take the 172,208,SR22 and fly to any of them boom real life flight 😂


It’s more oriented towards flying private aircraft. Flying UES-GRB, GRB-OSH, or UES-OSH using airliners seems like an invention the IF pilots made for themselves versus something done in real life. Similar to how IF pilots made NUC a world class international airport that handles 600 daily shuttle flights to LAX and SAN


Is that so? Then the Cessna Citation X will do fine in this region.

I was leaning more to the Super Decathlon and 208’s league but an X could work fine. It’s a private aircraft so it can be used for something as obscure as GRB-UES and something as common as JFK-LHR

I have difficulties landing aircrafts which don’t have the altitude alarms. Always end up with a hard landing.

You can certainly fly all the 737s and A321s you want in the region though-no one says you cannot, even on adv.

I’ll give the BBJ a try then. Does it have ground effect?

Of course these are just the liveries used at these airports. They are so close together they would never provide this service just between these 2 airports. 21 nm.

I built a database to cross reference all IF airports v all IF liveries. If you click on a specific livery it will then tell you which airports in IF are viable. This will become more useful when we go global!

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I’m currently doing IRL flights with the corresponding airlines. I’ll give your liveries website a try.

A318 FDS will be nice to fly in that region.

Did you find the livery lookup useful?

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Is the route EDDK-EDDL with TUIfly´s 737-800 a real life route?

No, it’s not.

It could be. Since the livery operates from both airports it is conceivable that they shuttle an aircraft between both due to maintenance. No passengers of course but the livery DOES serve both airports. It’s nice to pretend - lol

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