Oshkosh european air force fly in


An idea I would like to propose is european military aircraft fly into Oshkosh together. The lineup I would like is Securite Civil Dash 8q400 and Tbm 930 French Air Force starting at LFBD Bordeaux. A royal Netherlands C-130H and a royal netherlands Kc-10 starting from Amsterdam. Finally a spitfire and a c-130J RAF 50 year anniversary livery starting at RAF brize norton. I would like all the other planes that are not starting at norton to meet up at norton to meet the other aircraft prior to departing for Oshkosh. Id like to start this on the 21st or the 22nd depending on what day we would get to Oshkosh. Would like to do it on the start of the airshow. We will just be doing a fly in no demo’s as of now. I want people who will take this serious and follow real life procedures. This will be lengthy as europe is far from oshkosh. Aim to have this on expert server atc is welcomed as well. I will be in the secuirtie Civil Dash 8. First come first serve. I will be making a group chat on group me once everyone is together. Thanks and hope this can be done!

Hello! I would recommend posting this in the Events category, or on the IF Discord server. You will get a lot more participants using one of these two methods.

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