Oshkosh: Day 2

Hey y’all

If haven’t seen my topic of day 1 at Oshkosh you can find it at the bottom of this topic, but here’s photos from day 2, enjoy!

The big whale at the Boeing plaza

The Eco Demonstrator departing out to Seattle

An F-35 doing a low pass

This is the only time I’ve seen this livery and it happened to be at Oshkosh

Now THIS is what an afterburner should look like

The same F-35 from earlier in formation with a P-51

I didn’t know this plane existed before I went to Oshkosh but it’s starting to become one of my favorite warbirds

The Gamebird 1 doing a knife edge pass

“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

A Navy heritage flight with an EA-18G, F-35C, A-1, and F4U Corsair

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be posting photos tomorrow from the Selfridge Airshow I went to about a month ago.

Oh, and here’s the topic of Day 1


These shots are AMAZING! 🤩


Wow these are great!


Really nice shots


Wow amazing photos @Xaro stunning pictures

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im probably somewhere in this photo lmao. I was standing near the C-5 while the tug was rolling up

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I remember walking out of the boeing tent when the tug was attached thinking it was getting ready to depart so I started sprinting towards it only to find out it was pulling foreword -_-

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