Oshkosh, but at home - Bray Air Display 24th of July 2022

A lot of community members are enjoying the Oshkosh event in the real world and virtually, but meanwhile in Ireland I decided to visit a homemade Air Show in the town of Bray near Dublin, the Capital City of Ireland. That event happened at the same time the Oshkosh Air Show took place in the United States.

Bray is on the South part of the city, with a lovely beach. There was a great crowd of people laying on the sand. But I managed to find a lovely spot to rest at the rocks. And in fact that place was great since aircraft flew many times on the left hand side.

A Pilatus PC-12 owned by the Irish Air Corps.

A massive and yet interesting old airplane which I don’t know the model of.

My favourite Emerald Airlines operating as Aer Lingus Regional, the ATR-72.

An Garda Síochána Airbus helicopter. This is the police helicopter escorting the city.

Some amazing performance by the Casa airplane of the Irish Air Corps.

The last picture is the Augusta Wetland helicopter owned by the Irish Air Corps, serving as a Coast Guard.

Overall great performance by everyone. Just to note the British Red Arrows formation group was meant to take place but cancelled shortly before the event. The Aer Lingus A320 fly by was also cancelled. A Saab Fighter Jet was also missing. The day was awesome and met some amazing people.


Amazing Photos!

Yep. I was testing the new camera (Cannon EOS M50 Mark 2) owned by my older brother. Completely new to photography too, since I need wide lens that can zoom in closer. Funnily enough my battery ran out right after the last performance so I have learned a good lesson for longer days. (Bring more batteries!)

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Lovely shots! Glad to say I was there. Pity the rest of the display was cancelled mostly due to rain. It’s Ireland so….

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I love this aircraft, it is the Catalina PBY, it is was first used in WWII as a maritime sub hunter and killer. i recommend doing some research because this aircraft is very fascinating !!

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I find it funny how it wasn’t raining at all when I was there. It was very sunny too, but the winds were very strong. I saw that ATR getting pulled sideways as it was approaching the sea. That could be the reason why the red arrows cancelled their show, even though they were ready to roll from Casement Aerodrome.

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It was supposedly raining in Baldonnel! It’s mad tho, we weren’t that far away…

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