Oshkosh airshow

Does anyone know if there is/ will be a virtual Oshkosh this year?

Might be featured for FNF this Friday but possibly not, its up to Misha :)

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If you are talking about the actual event, @Balloonchaser created a thread outlining some of the webinars being held online in place of the in-person event.

@JarrettFlies also organized a fly-in, it’s tomorrow!

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We might see an Oshkosh airshow event but we don’t know yet, airshow events recreating EAA in the past have been heavily trolled and since the real event isn’t taking place this year there’s a chance we might not see one at all.

we should do a IF Oshkosh event, or like @Captain_Cign said, we might get it for the FNF, which would be cool. Chicago Center would be slammed, and there would be a huge traffic pattern.

Theres an actual event happening

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