Oshkosh Advanced

I would just like to know if Oskkosh is still not open before I go on.

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Please stay out of Oshkosh for the time being. Thanks


Ok thx for letting me know


What has happened at Oshkosh?

There’s some huge testing. I went and took a look ( please don’t ) and there are about 80 bots underground

You are allowed to fly anywhere but there are good reasons to not fly in Oshkosh during the tests.

  • It may ruin a suprise.
  • Lag from all the bots.
  • Confusing noises from aircraft you cannot see.

I think he’s just trying to get live to work with all aircraft because he said there was a problem.

Oshkosh isn’t even the nicest/biggest airport in the region. If you have to fly there use Appleton Rgnl or Austin Straubel Intl.