Oshkosh 2022, Day 1

Hi ppl,

This year I went to Oshkosh for a few days and had the best aviation experience of my life, the demos, the people, and just the overall experience was amazing. I happened to bring my camera with me and here’s some shots from Wednesday (Day 1)

Starting off with a PanAm DC-3

Next is a U-2 doing a low pass, this was very unexpected

Here’s a King Air 350 parked near the entrance

Up next is a T-34 taxiing out to form up with some more T-34s

Fifth is some Grumman ‘Cats doing a formation fly by, my favorite is definitely the F7F Tigercat

Next is two Corsairs and two Growlers in a formation

Just RedBull doing RedBull things

As the sun started to set, a P-51 took off preparing for the twilight heritage flight

Here’s that same P-51 in a formation with an A-1 Skyraider and a F-35C

And to finish it off, here’s the Aeroshell Demo Team doing a show at night

Thats all for today! I hope you enjoyed! The topic for day 2 will come out on Thursday, have a nice day!


Beautiful shots love Oshkosh man

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Thank you! Also welcome to the community!

Thank you.

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I’ve seen the Red Bull “Air Force” before, it was really cool, amazing shots btw

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Lovely pictures In here to

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