Osean Air Defense Force Virtual - Training the finest!

Welcome to the official Osean Air Defense Force VA IFC page, we are glad you are here! Our virtual military is based off of the US Military’s Pacific Air Force Command, aimed to protect North America and allies from all threats. Based off USAF and US NAVY procedures, our virtual Air Force is realistic down to the last detail. With a large fleet, supporting all capabilities for any combat situation, OSDFva is a unique group to take part in. Our representing squadron within our Air Force has to be VFA-192 WARWOLF Squadron, composed of highly experienced pilots who aim to accomplish all tasks at all times. If you have what it takes to be one of the best of the best, enlist in our join page on our website. Good luck, and Godspeed.

As of 2018, we are currently the official trainers for Aerosync, DynamX Aerobatics team! We train new arrivals into the group, and continue to do so until they take their DynamX entry test.

Since 1945, OSDF (Osean Air Defense Force) has served the Pacific nations with pride. Currently with up to 100 overseas squadrons of operational aircraft, we are the right Virtual Air Force to serve you! During peacetime, we support our allies with everything possible. From medical supplies to fuel transport flights, we do it all! We also have our aerial demonstration command within our VA, which is becoming popular within the IFC. We provide Airshow services using our best of the best, top gun pilots to ensure you the most action pact and realistic aerial acrobatic performance.

Operational Squadron


  • General Dynamics F16C Fighting Falcon Demonstration Team
    f- 2 Pilots
  • United States Air Force Heritage Flight Demonstration Team
  • 7 Active Pilots
  • 2 Staff members

We always accept applications for any of our services!

Be sure to check out our links below!


Looks nicely managed and laid out, magnificent work!



Thank you so much! It did take alot of time and effort but it was well worth it :)


This looks like the first virtual airline that uses the spit and peashooter.
Looks very well made too, excited to see y’all grow 🙂


Thank you so much!!!

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Can u add more aircraft of diffident country’s like the RAF with leaders from that country. A suggestion:)

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I sent my application.

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Thank you! Welcome to the VA :)

What do you think of what I said above guys?

You know you spelt Ocean wrong, right?

I’ve a feeling I’m being thick… but let me know haha


Check out our website :)

🤦‍♂️ My bad that’s how it’s written it’s back to normal now… sorry

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Could possibly happen but we are pacific based so. We’ll see!

If you added military aircraft from across the globe you could possibly get a more international audience! Look forward to growing with you!

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well we are partnered with all pacific airforces, ergo we will, its just up to FDS to produce them xD

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Thank you all for supporting the VA and the fantastic growth we’ve achieved over the past few days! We are still accepting applications :)

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Several Updates to our VA have occurred! Be sure to check out our host Aerosync’s page.

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