oscnogbal’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A


I am looking forward to practice my ATC skills in IF so if you could come by and then leave a comment letting me know how was your experience it would be great. I will be waiting for you.



Open now at LEVC. Come by!

I’m flying for the next 12 hours, but good luck on your journey!



First of all good luck on your journey! And second of all I was N489EA. I have some feedback for you.

Next time use an airport with parallel runways, so I can also change runway etc.

When I asked transition you gave the good transition, but then you said ask for intentions. When a pilot is asking for transition it means that the pilot is going to fly over your control airport, so after I flew above your airport I can either req. for landing or freq. change.

As for the clearance, they are good, but they need to be given earlier (mostly on crosswind). I know I made short circuits, but you dont want to have a pilot who is flying in the pattern to report their position the whole time because they want to land.

Thanks for controlling,

Have a nice day further!!


Thank you for coming by. You are completely right, I was confused by the transition request but after checking the manual everything is clear. See you next time!


EDDM APP is now open, don’t hesitate and come by!

EDDF ground and tower is now open.

Hey, question… Why don’t you let pilots do patternworks? I mean, why open then an ACT tracking thread? And one feedback I asked for pushback, but the aircraft I was in cannot do a pushback, therefore you needed to correct me by just saying “Taxi to rwy XX”.

Kind regards

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Hello, I had 4 aircraft in approach already when I was just tower not approach. Half of the aircraft were not following the instructions I was giving. About the taxi I didn’t check sorry.

I don’t understand why the people fly online with ATC when they just don’t follow the given instructions.

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Hello again, in my opinion if you fly with a GA aircraft you should start in a position for GA, not in a terminal finger stand. When I have workload I don’t use the camera to check the aircraft, I look at the map, see what position you are parked at and then according to the position give the clearance.

LEPA GND/TWR is now open, come by to help me get more experience as ATC.

I will stop by!

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Also you did do a good job with the, duplicate frequency change👍

Mmh… If I am correct… This is wrong… If you are already in patternwork the controller only needs to give you an cleared for the option command. If you’d still give your position (without saying full stop for example), I’d give you the command “Already cleared to land, duplicate”.

Same goes for this, if you are cleared for takeoff with remaining in the pattern the controller only needs to give you traffic, and from that point mostly clearance.

Correct me however, if this isn't the case.

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There was never a cleared for the option command given, maybe that’s why i’m confused

But if I clear you for take off make right pattern, why should I give you pattern entry command? I thought I was just supposed to clear you for the option or landing.

It could go both ways in this case, in my personal opinion it is better when a controller says enter right downwind, etc, so it gives clear instructions on how to enter the pattern, maybe that’s just me being picky😂 but you can relate to what @Menthesuphisth said above as well.

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In my opinion we are missing a command for: call on final. This would make sure the traffic knows he can continue until final and then he will receive a clearance for landing or option.

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Yes that would make it much clearer for a situation like this

Abide by the rules please, cause of this you can give wrong information and therefore you can give incorrect feedback 😅… Seeing how @oscnogbal replied, he used the correct commands.

Why, if I may ask? You, as controller need, to know what is going on around your airport (unless you haven’t cleared the pilot for inbound/option or if the pilot wants to go for an touch and go or full stop, it is not needed). It would give you too much reports. For example if you have 7 pilots at pattern or inbound, to have each pilot report that 7 times will make you crazy. If you have pilots who do patternwork you just use the sequence method. Don’t try to make it difficult while it is quite easy…