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Hello everyone, I’m opening in WMBT in the Singapore region TS1, feedback is appreciated!

Topic is approved. Thank you.

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I can come. Why did you leave?

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I’ve been there the whole time

Can l do t&gs on 02 !!!

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Airport is not suitable for patterns. Switch to a better one. I recommend KSSC in the Charlotte Region

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Its always been suitable enough for me…your leaving out half the fun !!!

KSSC, KFLL,EDDL,EGLL those all have double runways KSSC is most popular for openings

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Rwy 20 is a piece of cake to do t&gs on… for a BBJ or ACJ !!!

Closed due to trolls disobeying commands, thanks to everyone who came, do keep mind this is a GA airport!! No commercial flights should be accepted out of their. Feedback would be great.

Good try…but you can’t ghost the A380’s and 777’s that stop by to vaporize into the mountain on TS1…too bad !!!

Hello, if your controlling session is done, be sure to switch the title to “N/A” or “Closed” Thanks!

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My bad thank you for that

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closed sorry. No traffic.

Open at EHAM TS1 come and join if you can! Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

CLOSED due to no flights sorry.

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