Osaka to San Fransisco in 10 replay screenshots


I was flying a group flight with @Armani_B from RJBB-KSFO. This was a great flight with awesome scenery, including a beautiful sunrise. However, around 40 mins away from KSFO, @Armani_B had to leave, so only I landed.

These pics were taken on the expert server. Flight time was 9 hrs, 45 mins. This is my first time posting pics in #screenshots-and-videos . Enjoy!

image image image


You can’t see the night pic that well rip😂

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What is your favorite pic?

Wow buddy nice pics for a first timer in #screenshots-and-videos

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Really love the second to last one

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This is my favorite

Look at that nice flare.


I can’t decide I like all of them 😂😂

Thank you all 😂😉😁


Haha you used my trademark (though not really trademarked) standard title as well. Good photos, good times.

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Haha I guess lol

Thank you guys for all the love lol😂😁

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You’re welcome

2K20! Wow, you were good then, but you have definitely improved!

I don’t normally like bumping topics, but I can’t help but stopping by. The difference is drastic between this and your new photos, @Suhas. It’s stunning how much you have improved, these are unrecognizable!


Oh yikes, this is embarassing…

Thanks, we all come from humble beginnings, a good attitude and willingness to learn can get you far in life, or I guess in this case, screenshots…

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I don’t think this is embarrassing. In fact, I think it is a great portrayal of how if we work hard at something, it will become easier and the quality of it will improve. Well done @Suhas! And thanks for leaving your vote on my topic polls.

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Staggering shots @Suhas !

Truly wonderful!

Look how far the young one has come.

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Yeah, you have come a long way since this first S&V!!
As always,
'An expert at anything was once a beginner.

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