OS kills long haul flights

So recently I have been doing long haul flights during the night and every morning my device that I was using to fly is turned off. Is there a way to stop OS from killing my flight each night?

This was documented in the Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! thread.

Please follow the discussion in this thread for more information.


Is your device turned off or is IF off. Theres a big difference there.


My device is turned off in the morning

Indeed, it might just be that in setting @CPT_Colorado didn’t enable “Screen always on”.

@CPT_Colorado, then this is probably the solution.

To do this, press the Digital Crown to see the Home screen, then tap the Settings icon. Tap Display & Brightness. Tap Always On to turn the feature on or off.

Screen on vs power is off are two different settings. Screen always on does not impact infinite flight.

Did you run out of battery? If the device is actually off, that is usually a sign that your battery died.

For those long haul flights my IPad is constantly being charged so I don’t believe it is the battery. But it wasn’t the screen like my device was turned off to where I needed to re enter my password

If that makes sense

Not really. Thus, after a certain period of time, your screen doesn’t automatically turn off?

Ok lets take this one at a time because I am getting mixed responses.

In the morning, is your device OFF where you have to power it on, or is it asleep where you just need to enter the code to get back to the home screen?

Here is my best version of explanation

Ok. This is due to the OS killing Infinite Flight from long hauls. See the original response I posted for ways to help. Reducing graphics, etc.

Make sure background running apps are not running. Twitter, instagram, etc. These take up valuable resources.

The only app that was running in the background is IFOperations

You can try a flight without it running and see if it helps.

Ok yea I have never used that app in the background before so that might help, I will try it tonight thanks so much

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Hey @Chris_S so I tried going through the night with the flight with no apps running in the background, and when I woke up this morning everything seemed fine, until I touched the screen, that is when the app crashed

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You can’t do anything except wait for a fix after you have taken the above steps, including setting live traffic to none and tilting the camera up and away from the scenery. Play around with the settings and see what happens. Ensure your storage is clear enough so that the strain is taken off your device to run IF smoothly.

@EyesSkyward all of the setting for that long haul flight were set to the very minimum to try to make the flight work. And I have 26gb of free storage on my device

Including traffic shown in Live? There really is nothing you can do. Restart your device prior to playing, don’t open any app other than IF prior to playing and delete apps that would be running in the background (with notifications, regular internet syncing, or backing up photos etc) and limit background app refresh.