Oroville Dam Flight

For those that don’t know the city of Oroville, California has been evacuated due to dangers of the Oroville Dam collapsing. This is the 2nd largest reservoir in the state of California and serves a role for major cities in California. Recent rainfall and flooding has caused the reservoir to reach 100% capacity very quickly which eventually led to a hole in the dam and several other problems.

You can read more about it here: Wikipedia, CNBC, and LA Times

Since this was something interesting to see, we decided to fly up to Oroville and see the dam from the air. We landed at KOVE Oroville Airport, attached the GoPros, then headed out to the dam. After circling around the dam we headed over to KAUN for some lunch. This was all filmed the same day they issued the evacuations. We had the opportunity to witness history from the air.

Check out 1 minute video I made below :)


Photos below.

Please don’t download or use these photos. I’ve kept them away from media for a reason :) Thanks.


Wow! Those are some amazing pictures. I can’t believe the amount of mist rising up from the main part of the dam!

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Rupert will love these photos.

Nice views. 👍

They were pumping a rediculous number of cubic feet of water out of the dam when I snapped these shots. They’re trying to lower the dam by 40 feet by tomorrow since we are about to get pounded with another huge storm.

@zbelle 😑


Saw this on the news couple days ago. Pretty serious stuff.

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It’s spread to a global topic 😳

NBC Nightly News talked about it, Trump has some comments on it… not everyday you have this kind of situation especially in California.


Think of it this way…this part of California won’t experience another drought for at least 15 years… ;)


I just realized that theres an AN2 Panda at the 0:52-0:53 mark. Those things are amazing.

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Yes… and the town of Oroville will be using kayaks and boats to go to the store for the next few days.


Hey you spotted it! Wasn’t sure if anyone would catch that in the clip. Unfortuanetly this one was in horrible condition :’(

Missing lots of parts and rotting outside.

Yea that looks pretty bad. There is a girl on IG who I think is out of Camarillo that has flown a bright yellow one a few times. I can’t think of her name at the moment, but that one is in immaculate condition.

Was probably Jess (crapwhereaminow). They get tons of interesting planes at Santa Paula Airport, always cool seeing what flies in there.


Yep. Thats her. Lol.

Ah, I see. Yeah this next storm sounds like it’s going to be huge. Whoever manages that dam is going to have a lot of work to do once all this rain is done.

We should fly together sometime…


Love to! Let me know when you have an open seat and I’ll see if I’m available :)

How do you get such amazing pics out of plane windows?

I stick my whole head and camera out the window and hope for the best ;)

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Is that a joke? …

Yes… With the speed we’re traveling at, anything that is loose and hanging out the window (like my camera) will be gone. Learned that by experience 😱

I usually shoot out of a DA40 which has a side window I can shoot out from. Also need a good lens, make sure the lighting is good, and proper camera settings. Editing is also a big part. I’ll be talking more about photography and flying in the future, keep an eye out :)