Orlando to Philadelphia with a runway incursion - 1/21/2021

Like many others yesterday I could not get off the ground due to the ATC communication freezing and crashing issue, however the ATC audio muting solution was a success! Flight from Orlando International Airport (KMCO) to Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL), delayed approx 2 hours lol

Flight planning at Airside 3 in Orlando while Cameron troubleshoots the ATC audio issue from his TBM-930

Two hours later we are quietly out of there

Flying by my second home, Daytona Beach, FL USA

A rather windy landing in Philadelphia

Ground apparently cleared the Alaska 737 to cross, and they did…

The taxiway standoff with @Nanadukes14 at KPHL. (Sorry about that my friend)


Rather funny topic! Love the photos.


Gen Z humor be like…

Great Photos

haha, on the first pic you just see a A350, 738, 757, and oh look a tiny TBM, Great pics tho!


Not sure what that means lol but maybe because I’m not Gen Z 🤷🏼‍♂️

The intense stare down on the final picture 😂

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Oh hey! I saw you yesterday at KMCO! Nice photos

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Nice pictures! I believe I was controlling Jacksonville center when you flew through

[quote=“themightycj, post:1, topic:526821”]
Flying by my second home, Daytona Beach, FL USA
[/quote]I’m also in Daytona for a bachelors in atc

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Great photos love the A350 as I aspire to pilot it!!! :)

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Thanks everyone! 😊