Orlando to Miami

Hello and welcome to another Easy Av trip report. For today’s flight, we will be in sunny-state Florida for a short hop to Miami on a low-cost airline named Frontier Airlines.
It’s 3:38 currently and my Uber drops me off at the parking lot of KMCO, would have liked it if he at least dropped me off where the drop off area was.

As soon as I got my bags, I headed for the terminal to drop of my bags. Frontier had a deal since it was almost Christmas, so I was able to check out my bag for $7!

I was a little bit hungry, so I went to Einstein Bros Bagels to get myself a bagel. I went to security and headed onto the monorail to get to Airside 1, where our plane was. We got to the gate on time and were ready to board

Our seat for today is 25A! Legroom is TIGHT and the tray tables are SMALL. Looks like there is another A320 beside us doing the same route.

As we push backed and taxied, I managed to get on Frontier’s website for movies and games, which I will use and later review at cruise. As we took of, it felt like a vertical takeoff a little bit, bye bye Orlando!

Finally, cruising time. For the menu, I took pretzels with a Cola. Now, time for the website. The movies and TV Show were great with a little selection of games like Hangman and Pac-Man. I decided to watch The Big Bang for cruise.

As we start our descent into Miami, we can see Miami Executive Airport, or KTBM.

As we get ready for final approach and landing, we can see Miami Beach and its beautiful ocean with mixes of Teal and Blue.

And finally, after a hour and 21 minute flight and a smooth landing, Welcome to Miami!

I don’t have the gate pick because my camera died after we parked at the gate. Thanks for watching Aviation Lovers and see you in the next trip report!
This skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a Trip Reporter with amazing videos that you should watch


Once again, excellent work! 21min + food? The crew is rapid lol.


Yeah lol 🤣🤣


I have questions. Frontier is one of the worst rated airlines in the US. How did you get good drinks, and food, plus good service?


It’s really depending in the flight time, the crew,the day


The magical spirit of Christmas! 😁