Orlando Spotting Part 1

Hey everyone! I haven’t been back with a spotting topic since my trip to Oshkosh and Las Vegas over the summer so here is my most recent spotting trip to Orlando!

Starting with Silver Airways, here we have an ATR with a white livery instead of the normal pink livery.

Next up we have a Spirit A319 climbing out into a bank as the thunderstorms roll in.

Also trying to make it out before the thunderstorms we have this Delta 757 on its way to Atlanta.

Next we have the recently repainted Red Sox plane! Although I never got to see the original paint, I definitely prefer this more modern look.

After the thunderstorms cleared up the sky made for a cool backdrop for this United 752 to depart!

With the same sky, we have the newest JetBlue tail departing for Newark! This aircraft should be coming to Infinite Flight at some point 👀
Back to the banks, here is a Frontier A321 leaving Orlando on its way to Philadelphia!

Next we have my somewhat decent night shot of the JetBlue Vacations A320 after it landed in from JFK!

And to finish off the topic, we have the three best departure of the morning, with lots of humidity it made for some truly incredible lift offs!

Thanks for stopping by! As always none of my photos are free to use so please contact me for permission to use them! If you want to check any more of my work out follow me on Instagram @jackson.aviation


Also my apologies, I realized as I was uploading that I did 11 photos by accident. Hopefully they will let it slide just this once 😖


That’s okay mistakes happen. Just next time count to make sure that you’re not posting more than ten photos

this looks photoshopped lol


The United 757, Southwest 737, and American A321 photos are just outstanding!


Thank you!

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Only altered part of the photo is the dust spot I removed 😂

Those 757’s lookin mad pretty tho. Great shots!

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Jet blue

i love this livery Socks?

These pics are 🔥 my dude!

The new version is 🔥🔥🔥

Go Red Sox


Thank! New version looks much better!

its been like 6 months since the last time they mentioned it, starting to think they forgot about it

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Loving the United B753, wish Newark would get them more tho lmao


Same here :/

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