Orlando Intl Airport (MCO) Expanding the Airport | New South Terminal Coming

I got my evidence from the Orlando Sentinel (http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-cfb-orlando-airport-expand-south-terminal-20180122-story.html). Orlando Intl Airport is the second biggest airport in the state of Florida next to Miami Intl. Orlando Intl Airport has currently four 4 Airside’s and 2 terminals as shown below:

Currently Orlando Intl Airport is in the process of constructing the new South Terminal at OIA which roughly the city of Orlando payed 2.1Billion dollars for this expansion. The new terminal might be a gateway for JetBlue flights as Orlando is a focus city for JetBlue. Orlando Is projected to have 80 to 100 Million passengers a year when the new South Terminal is completely open with is 120 gates, said to be bigger than Atlanta-Hartsfield. OIA Is projected to open this terminal in early 2020 and said to have more than 50 Million passengers!

What are you’r thoughts an opinion on this newly terminal set to bring more passengers to Orlando?


Very good that the airport is growing! ISP now has 5 daily flights to MCO on Frontier and Southwest. As the airlines keep expanding at MCO, they’re definitely going to need the space, and that south terminal will be a good addition.

Yes I do agree a lot! Currently OIA is averaging more passengers each year than it is projected to have. And since families love to visit Disney and all the other parks it is becoming bigger each year, and the lines for the checkpoint’s are crazy! So as this will certainly help the growth of passengers.


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Where on the airfield is it being constructed?

I think this is awesome, even though I live on the West Coast I usually go to MCO once a year, can’t wait to see the airport grow! Also go look on google maps at the construction, it’s pretty cool what there doing.


Yes it really is. Consider always coming in from the back side to see it. ;)

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In the South side of the airport. Near the end of runway’s 36L/R. And just off the 417 back entrance to the airport.

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MCO is the closest airport to me so I always fly out from MCO. I always saw the construction right off the runway and I didn’t really know what it was. Well, now I’m really excited! The terminals that are currently open are starting to show their age, so a new and more modern terminal would be really cool!

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I fly into MCO one or two times a year. Awesome airport. Glad to see some more expansion!

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Yes indeed. And those old airsides always get renovated so they might detail them more soon hopefully.

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Yes it is a big and awesome airport to fly into.

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airside #4 looks like an airplane :D

In what way is this new South Complex supposed to be larger than Atlanta? When the terminal is completed, MCO estimates 80-100 million passengers/year.

However, there is no timeline as to when the terminal will be “completed.” Last year, MCO had 45 million passengers — to double that, we’re talking about decades. Considering the $2.1 billion sunken into 1/8 of the total South Terminal will be finished in 2020, and assuming that construction of the entire South Concourse began right now with full funding, I’d give a wild estimate of at least 2030 before the terminal’s 120 gates and 8 phases are completely finished. I highly doubt that in 10 years, the airport’s number of passengers will double in size (note that from 2005-2017, enplanements only grew about 30%).

Your article is massively overstating the projected growth of this project, especially considering that the #1 candidate for turning MCO into a hub (JetBlue) will take years of growth just to match the number of departures or passengers that Delta pushes from ATL. To be more conservative, I’d look at a hub like Seattle, where Alaska operates 300 daily flights to 90 destinations from Seattle (SEA has about 45 million passengers / year right now, about the current level of MCO).

No I did not mean it like it supposed to be bigger Atlanta, but similarly big as Atlanta.

Yea the Airsides at OIA are really cool ;)

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The name is not OIA it is MCO.

In fact the checkpoints at KMCO are some of the fastest in the nation with average security time being under 10 mins.

The airport is expected to handle 50 million passengers by the time Terminal C is complete and this year surpassed KMIA as the busiest airport in Florida.

Terminal C is expected to handle most of the international flights to the airport with the current gates being made available to US airlines.

Its called OIA (Orlando Intl Airport). But yes the ICAO of the airport is indeed MCO. However OIA is what it goes by. Dont worry I am a local here at OIA and I know it alot ;)

You are talking to another local and never has anyone besides you referred to it as OIA. Always referred to MCO