Orion_Foxtrot_Zeno’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Ok very quick apology I may have put this in the wrong place, just because its been a while since I posted here.
I was doing a quick stint ATC at YSSY 16:00 to 16:49 GMT 14/11/19 I would like any pilots who were there at the time for a bit if feedback on my first time. Any errors made ect thankyou



This is awesome that you want to continue learning. If you want to get some feedback in the future, make an ATC tracking thread. Here, members can fly in your airspace when you’re open and contribute feedback.

You can announce when you’re open, and continue to improve your controlling abilities.

Best of luck in your controlling endeavors, and safe skies!


So change your title to Orion_Foxtrot_Zeno’s ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN] @YSSY

Thanks for that I’ll get it sorted when I next do a ATC, not that I’ll be doing that for bit yet.

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Thanks and done, hopefully I won’t get yelled at now JK

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Heads up, you should move it to the #atc category.

Thanks for that, next time I’ll try and find the right place beforehand. Like I said haven’t bern here for a long time.😎

Looks like you’ve closed. Don’t forget to change the [OPEN] in your thread title to [CLOSED] once you close up so people know you’re no longer there. I hope to catch you next time you open up!

Oh sorry, my bad. Forgot to change the open to closed.

I’ll post up when I’m next on at YSSY and hopefully I can get some good practice in, I can’t wait for you to be the first to pull the “Yes Tower I already airborne.” 🤣

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No worries! Welcome back, by the way!

The title should be [Closed] @ N/A