Origins of Airline Callsigns

List the origins of commercial callsigns. I think it’d be cool to see where callsigns come from.

Don’t post national callsigns i.e. American or Air France; it’s obvious where they originate from.

  • Virgin America (Redwood): They were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area where the redwood trees can be found.
  • US Airways (Cactus): US Airways was once called America West which originated in Arizona, where cacti can be found in the sorrounding deserts.
  • Qantas (Qantas): Qantas airways is an Australian based airline, originating in the state of Queensland. The name “QANTAS” is an acronym for Qantas And Northern Territory Aerial Services. The airline has now developed into one of the worlds best airlines.
  • FlyBe (Jersey): The island of Jersey was it’s first hub, and is still a focus destination for the airline.
  • Aer Lingus (Shamrock): The national symbol of Ireland, for which it is the flag carrier.
  • British Airways (Speedbird): The name of BA’s original and most famous logo design: image

Check this cool article out :)


I’ve seen the article. They don’t list all the callsigns in the world, only the best ones. I would like to know where others come from that’s not in the article.


I just relise where does the “Dynasty” Callsign comes from…

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China airlines callsign dynasty, comes from the Chinese emperors who used to be dynasty’s. For example: the Chang dynasty.

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Correction : China Airlines ;)

Air China is People Republic’s of China Flag Carrier
while China Airlines is Republic of China (Taiwan)'s flag carrier

Oh sorry. My mistake. Thanks

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