Original Plane & Pilot Topic (Closed)

I will add you as a member, would you like to join our opening event?

Hello I would like to participate

In the event? Or would you like to be a member?

Yes I would be a member

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Yes please

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I want to join

I would now have a question I do now with the live event

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As a member, or as a pilot for the event?

@PlaneCrazy In the event right? I wanted gate 24 or 25.

What gate do I come at for event

@PlaneCrazy Oh! Iā€™m sorry!I am already in the event!!Thank You so much! I appreciate it :-)

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You have gate 21:-)

Come to gate 27:-)

Pilot and event

Just so everyone knows, we will not have an event this Saturday.

I would like to join as a member!

Thanks so much man:-) I hope you enjoy our events.

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If you want to join, this is the time!

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