Original Plane & Pilot Topic (Closed)

Ok, then it must be graded.


Please wait to grade it until our first event, you can attend and see how we preform.


Thanks so much @AviatorDan for our new webpage on Infinite Flight Posts!


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We have just one more staff position we need to fill!

Back up=Available!

In this position you are a normal member that comes to our events, but when needs you temporarily take the place of staff that is unavailable.

Remember, I you need an event for your VA we will make it for you.

@golden.spotter is now our back up staff.

I’ve had some thoughts about this, and I’m going to move you into the #live category. You are more like an organization, and I see no reason to grade you. I’d suggest removing: [quote=“PlaneCrazy, post:1, topic:82787”]
Think of us as a Virtual Airline that gets together once a week.

from your original post, and replacing it with organization or somewhat. Also, I won’t be needing that gate assignment on your event post.

Apart from that, this is looking promising.

Ben Schenk
Head of IFVARB

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Ok, sounds good. That takes so much stress off of my staff.

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Sign me to 18

Sign me in 18

I’m sorry for not responding for I was asleep when you posted. Are you talking about the event or being a member?

About events

Ok, I will put you in:-)

@PlaneCrazy put me in as well!

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Ok, You will be our 20th pilot. I never thought it would come to this!

Well I’m not sure I’ll have time to come

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I will join in!Can I get the Gate 24??

@PlaneCrazy Could you add me?

I want to join to your community. TIA

Yes, I will add you.