Original IFATCs

A bit of a request here:

Does anyone know who any of the original IFATCs were when ATC came out?

Particularly looking for a ‘Chris’ who i vaguely remember was controlling on my first ATC airport?

Ask you your best friend, @dush19.

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I have been a controller for a long time now. Since the release.

Unfortunately I don’t get around to controlling anymore, or IF for that matter.

Chris? Sounds a little familiar to me

@Chris_Croft @Chris_Keller any of you 2?

Maybe @ChrizZz ?

Maybe @StikLover2 and @Tristan_Hensley

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it could have been me but I think I’ve always used “creeto” as my name in IF


I joined IFATC around September/October of 2015 if that helps :)

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I joined IFATC for 3 weeks 👍🏻


I joined IFATC in September of 2015. Close to 9 months now.

Um… After the iOS update, so I guess not?


I joined the 29th of July.

Nope, joined shortly after me, and when I joined there were about 25-50 people there.

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I joined a few days after release, a year ago :)

I’m gonna make a really really wild guess and saaaaay… @Tyler_Shelton


Very good guess! ;)


Oh, I am original though!

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Seen ya round on IF, Good to be able to put a face to the name :p Seen ya over on the Fb pages aswell I think.

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