Original Aircraft Pictures

I finally decided to make this again because I once made this when I was TL1, and it got closed because it bleonged in #real-world-aviation, so, yeah. So let’s get it going again!

No, this isn’t like something you take a picture of on your phone, this is something where you find developed pictures that physically exist.

So, if you want to share some pictures, share em’!

I’ll start with that my mom and I were planning my dad’s funeral (yes, this is sad and true), and we were looking through pictures for the visitation, and I came upon a genuine picture of a TWA Boeing 707 taken from the sixties! Here, take a look:

If this is a duplicate, feel free to close it. (I searched for it and found nothing, just want to make sure.)


That’s a really good picture, sorry for your loss.


Thanks, my dad must’ve took the picture, so don’t compliment me for it. ;)

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