Organized Chaos Flash Flight @TNCM

Hello everyone! Plane Spotting at the TNCM Flash Flight was a blast. I was only there for a few minutes and got some cool pictures of IFC members along with two of our staff members, @Dan and @jasonrosewell, who are in the last one together. Hope you enjoy them!


Love those DHL planes! 😍


very good shot

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Hey! That second photo was me (in the generic B787-800)! Great photos, and HUGE shout out to the amazing IFATC folk that were present at TNCM today! They all did a great job given how busy it was.

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Awesome! Hopefully you like the photo I got of you!

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Thank you!

Absolutely! I’m famous now. :D

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If you end up on my Twitch, especially when it gets bigger, you’ll definitely be! 👍😂 @Campusgod

One day, eh!

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I think so you should tag jasonrosewell like that. Anyways cool shots

Thank you for all the likes guys! Very much appreciated!