Organization of Feature Requests

Let’s Organize #features!


Howdy y’all! With the not so recent addition of tags to our Community, I’ve been thinking about various ways of implementing them to help organize the Community. We’ve seen the addition of #fnf, #flash-flight, as well as #atcschedule thanks to @Niccckk. I’ve had the idea this evening to introduce tags to #features.


If we implement the tag feature into #features, we could organize it with tags like #livery (for livery requests), #aircraft (for requests such as new planes or reworks), #server (for server improvements, like additions of guidelines for getting onto expert server), and #miscellaneous (for other various requests such as taxiway lights or weather). I’m not sure what the tags would exactly be named, but those are some ideas.

Perhaps this could be seen as arbitrary, but it could help with the organization greatly. Contrary to the ATC Schedule tag, this one might not be used as much for the notification, but more for sorting the loads of features we get!

Currently, we have no way of organizing the various features we get every single day. We just have to sit and scroll if we’re looking for something. This would help greatly to sort and organize the features!


Let’s say I’ve got a vote to spend - yes, I could search for a specific feature I’d like to see, but I also want to diversify my votes! With the current way #features is set up, I’ve got to search through every single request, even if most of them aren’t what I’m looking for.


To sum it up, I think that adding tags to #features would greatly help the overall organization of the category. It would allow users to sort exactly what they’re looking for, and if they’d like to get notifications for a new type of feature, they could do that!


For example, tags such as ‘Liveries’, ‘General Aviation’, or ‘Commercial Aircraft’?


That could definitely work! I’m not sure about how specific the tags would need to be, but that’s definitely a good idea too.


We really need this in the future. There is no way to sort out all the feature requests. So far, I’ve been seeing things like livery and plane requests. I want something else though. Like taxiway lights (I voted for that) or rain and maybe clouds (Infinite Flight said they are planning to release it, I’m just using clouds as an example).

Look at it like this. You want a feature to be added in. Say you choose to see tornadoes in the game to add to real world weather (in other words when they’re happening in real time). So you make the feature request and post it. It then gets piled up by livery requests (this is true, I see a lot of those livery requests on the forum). You then realize that you’re feature request requires other users to scroll down the page A LOT. You’re wondering to yourself how you can make this happen if it isn’t going to seen by many people.

Sure, you can always bump it with a comment, but many others are doing the same. So really, there’s no point. You can catch maybe 4 or 5 more votes, but before you know it, you’re feature request will be buried deep within all the other requests. You might be saying, so just constantly bump. Sure, for can, but if you constantly bump, people that are out of votes, or don’t want to see the feature in game, will just be annoyed. You might get in trouble for constant bumping with the mods if many people tell them they sre annoyed and flag the post for closure, but I’m not sure if you can get in trouble about that.

Now with this feature @MrMrMan kindly suggested you can filter what features you see and what features you don’t. Let’s go back to the tornado feature request, but this time, let’s say I didn’t make the request. I’m just a random IFC user scrolling through the #features category seeing what good features should be added in game. With this feature, I could go to the weather category and without much scrolling find this feature request (as there is not that many weather requests out there) and vote for it.

Mods, I hope you take this in consideration. Personally, I am having this issue too where I cannot filter what feature requests I see. Would love to have this feature on IFC.

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You’ve got the idea right in sight! As I scroll for hours through the IFC (😜) I stumble across random features I’d like to see that have been buried by plenty of other topics.

Sure, there’s still some burial, but at least it’s sorted. Perhaps we could call it organized chaos. Chaotic neutral? Who really knows. Whatever it is, it would be more organized than it is now which is a help in and of itself.


What a wonderful idea. You have my full support!

This would introduce a form of (somewhat) organization, which could work in an effective way that the mods may decide.


Thank you for the support, Luke! I’m looking forward to the official decision. :)


This is literally what the community needs in the features category. Currently there is no organisation and this would definitely improve the structure of the category

Amazing idea @MrMrMan, you have my support for this - hopefully this will attract the attention of the mods.


I appreciate your support! I think it would improve the overall structure of #features as well. This seems to have a lot more support than I thought it would, honestly. I’m glad I found something that people seem to think could improve the Community!


Indeed it would!

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Thank you very much! I’m glad I could help!

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To be honest, this is probably the best topic I have seen in a while @MrMrMan! 😊 It would be very beneficial to all. And make us much more organised. Great use of #meta


I love the idea and would make the requests easier to find.

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Oops, I thought it was still Flying Development Studio. Thats what it used to be. Thanks for that will fix it now

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I gotta say, this is an excellent point. I’ve always struggled to find features that I find interesting and useful, since they don’t exactly stand out from other topics. Never really bothered coming up with a solution, but now that I’ve read this, it looks like I don’t have to. This idea will greatly help the community. Top notch thinking, @MrMrMan, you have my support!

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Brilliant idea, i’m happy with the current fleet of aircraft available but love finding new liveries and environmental requests (such as lighting for example) to vote on

This would help cut out all the noise and find the feature requests that I am interested in. Hope it gets implemented

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Sounds like an awesome idea to me! Although the task of tagging existing posts would be fairly laborious, it would certainly be simple enough to achieve on new requests.

Excellent idea sir!

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Great idea! I would love to see the tags being used in #features category.

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I greatly appreciate the support @Ondrejj @Qantas094 @TaipeiGuru @CO99 @Naz & @Jakub_Astary! Can’t wait to see what the mods or staff say. :)


I agree with what most people are saying, but there are 2 main issues that I see:

  1. We have loads of feature requests, probably thousands. It’s going to take a lot of work for someone to actually re-organise those feature requests to fit those categories.

  2. New and inexperienced forum members cannot put their topics in their right category, let alone in the correct tag.

Basically, good idea, but the implementation is something that needs to be thought about before adding this idea.

We are not in a court of law. There is no need to put “Limited Liability Company” after the name. It’s just “Infinite Flight”.