Organising IF Live Events

Just a query.
If a regular user/member of the IFC has an idea for an IF event, is it plausible, moreover, allowed for them to organise the event them selves or do they have to seek assistance or hand the task over to a VA or senior members of IFC? I’d love to know what Infinite Flights policy is on this.

Obviously I am not talking about VA recruiting events but maybe in terms of a group flight.


Anyone can make an event as long as they follow the Guidelines. Keep in mind you must be Trust Level 2 or above to post in #live:events


No you can make an event yourself just follow the format.

I see thats pretty cool. I doubt I could ever do one myself, it seems a lot of work!!

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No you’ll se just a bit of planning and ideas will do. Have a look at other events and you’ll see it’s not too complicated.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a va that can help you plan events. It’s planes and pilots.

(I might be wrong…)


Never doubt yourself in any circumstance, if you put your mind to it and have dedication to what you achive believe me that you will make it happen. As for events, they are not as hard as it seems, just take some time making it and make it appealing and some users will show up.


Very true. Sound advice, thank you.

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In that case, seeing as I can get help should I need it, I might give it a try. Do you think its worth getting some ideas from the community to see what sort of flight they might like to run. If I organise it all myself its bound to end up a British Airways flight!

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I think just looking at some events is already good for ideas.

Lots of people like British Airways so that could be cool. Add on a scenic flight tough approach and stuff like that and you’re good to go!

If you have any doubt or questions don’t hesitate to pm me and I could help.
Again reading what others planned as events is really good to learn how they work.

good luck and have fun!!

Also if your first event doesn’t go as planned don’t worry just learn from the mistakes and you’ll soon be planning really nice big events.

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Brilliant thank you so much. Any destination recommendations? I particularly like flying anywhere with mountains, coastlines are good too.

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For mountains the alps are good and not too far. A place like Innsbruck or Sion are nice and quit known. Coastlines, well you know better than me there are great ones in England.

I like the sound of Innsbruk a lot, thank you so much for all your help, I think I will get to work. Let me know if you’d like to take part, I will let you know once I eventually launch the event.

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Just give it a go! Running an event is great to do and you learn a lot of new skills in doing so.

Best way is to select a route that you enjoy flying, then find a time and date that you suits you to fly and you are halfway there! Have a look to see how other events are set up, some are simple and straight forward others are more complicated but all great fun! But best to start off nice and simple to get the hang of it!


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