Oregon to Anchorage in... wait, the C172? Part 1

Hey guys!

Today, I began the journey, and completed the first leg, from KPDX to PANC in the Cessna 172. If you want to know the background to this journey, you may PM me. If you would like to join the journey, I should be leaving at 10:00 AM PST, or 1800Z from KCLM, on the Expert Server, in the C172 of course. We will be flying to PAKT. It’ll be a 5-6 hour flight.

This flight was flown on the Expert Server, from KPDX to KCLM, and it took over one hour.

Enough blabbering, here are the photos!
(Photo names are above the corresponding photo)

A beautiful 60 knot rotation from KPDX at 0800 PST.

Departure to the north, towards the tip of Washington, Crater Mountain visible in the background

Cruising over some amazing mountains, almost to our destination (if y’all know the name of this mountain range, please tell me, lol)

In the cockpit on short final into KCLM

A 9:00 AM touchdown at KCLM

Parked and shutdown, ready to begin the next leg!

I hope you liked these! Be sure to vote for your favorite below!

  • Rotation
  • Departure from KPDX, Crater Mountain
  • Cruising over the mountains
  • Short final
  • Touchdown
  • Parked, ready to go again!

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Looks like we are both doing something similar. I’m going from Canada to Europe by going up to greenland then iceland.

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