Oregon to Anchorage in the C172, Part 2

Hello, again!

Today, I flew the second leg of my journey from Portland, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska. Today, we flew from KCLM to PAKT. This flight took just over five hours on the Expert a Server, but it’s okay because we saw some amazing scenery along the way!

(Photo names are above each corresponding photo)

Taxiing to RWY 26 at KCLM at 0900 PST

Engine run up, flight controls free and correct

Departing a sunny and mountainous KCLM

Welcome to Canada, bois

Cruising above some awesome mountains, about to enter AK territory

Turning towards PAKT

On final for RWY 29 at Ketchikan

“Ketchikan Unicom, N096AS is clear of all runways”

Parked, being fueled up and ready to fly to Juneau next!

I hope you liked my pictures! Thanks for stopping by! 😁

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  • Taxi at KCLM
  • Engine run up
  • Departing KCLM
  • Welcome to a Canada, bois
  • Cruising over AK
  • Turn toward PAKT
  • On final
  • Taxiing to parking
  • Parked, preparing for next flight

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Nice! I just happen to be following the west coast southbound from Anchorage

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Nice! Make sure to post the screenshots!

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I better hop into replay and get some!

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