Order of new ground items!

Hey IFC! I was wondering what is the most realistic order of removing the ground items before departure, and the best ways of adding them back to the plane at my destination. Thanks!

I think first is catering, then cargo and PAX

Typically I think it’s the cargo, then the passengers, then the GPU. It all kind of depends.

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I was thinking it was that, catering, cargo, pax, then gpu but wasn’t sure. Thank you all!

When starting up I do GPU first, then do PAX, eg attach the jetbridge(s). Once the doors are opened and the APU has been started, I disconnect the GPU and open the cargo doors. Finally I do catering.

I thought GPU was attached first and then detached last to supply power right at the end

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i work in a ground handling company and normally when the plane arrives it’s pax,gpu,cargo,catering and when the plane departs it’s catering,cargo,pax,gpu.

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I’m pretty sure that is correct. Sometimes I think passengers exit as the GPU is being attached. In real life the APU takes a little bit to shut down.

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Okay that’s good to know thanks

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I thought cargo was always first when arriving?

“We” connect the bridges or stairs first and then we go offload the cargo.

Oh so its passengers to get unloaded first. I thought it was cargo. Well thanks for teaching me!

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Hi airline here. Typically catering is is done way before we pull anything. Around 30 min before departure the pilots start the APU, and GPU is pulled (Its integrated into most jet bridges). Around 10-5 min before departure cargo doors are closed, and finally the jet bridge is pulled at around 2 min before departure.


Wow thank you! Is the arrival procedure the complete opposite?

I would say catering then GPU then passengers usually finish boarding Usually finally the last bit of remaining cargo is loaded they close the doors and you push back

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Its a little bit different at every airline but I’ll describe Delta’s way.

Airplane stops at the designated line. Engine stops (they already have the APU running) beacon is turned off and we chock the plane. Cargo doors open and jet bridge is pulled up. Around that time catering also pulls up (in an ideal scenario lol). Once the jetbridge is pulled up we connect GPU and air and give the signal to the pilot that GPU is connected and they turn the APU off


Are the cargo doors open before the PAX door?

Yes because remember most GPU’s are integrated into the bridge, so if we have the gpu cord down the bridge can’t move


Ok thank you so much, this was very helpful!

I would really only use a GPU Unit if at a stand as like Hopperbolic said above, GPU can received from Jetway power.

Normally, when pulling into a gate, cargo doors are opened first, then the PAX doors upon the jetway connecting, and lastly, catering.