Order of Development

Order Of Development
Hi there, I am aware that we have the development timeline now, due to this i am aware we have the A359 and B77W fully rework. However now with the live cockpits being introduced to the A320 family it just occurred to me that technology is there to maybe add this into other aircraft’s. Honestly i’m not sure if there are any complications to this and i was just wondering the order of which live cockpits may be added to other aircraft’s as i remember the 737s being mentioned around the time of the A320 family update.
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All new and reworked aircraft from now on will feature live cockpits. That being said, the order in which they will be added is unknown.


The developers will include live cockpits in all new reworks as that is the new standard.

I’m sure this was a joke.

Every aircraft has different technology

You can’t just put A320 technology into a 737

i’m fairly skeptical as they has to be a certain level of fairness when it comes to Airbus reworks and Boeing reworks or this may cause some unrest within the community

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Yes i am aware of this but the basics must be there to even get working instruments


They are being fair in their reworks. It’s not really about which manufacturer gets a new aircraft or a rework in the sim, but rather the most requested aircraft does (usually…) .

All aircraft are expected to be reworked in the future. However do not take that 737 comment seriously as it most likely was just a joke. This is because many people all over instagram as well as the forum always ask the question that was mentioned “What about the 737?”. It will in be reworked in the future but not right now.

I agree with you

yeah. i hope the devs focus on some of the 767 and 757

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You made a point

Thanks anyway for taking the time to comment here

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If I see the 757 with working cockpit I’m a jump of the bed

“But what about the 737??!!!” Indeed, with the A350 in development, this might seem a little lopsided. However, as we’ve done in the past, rather than holding this new technology until the A350 is ready, we are releasing some of it to you early in other compatible aircraft". This was said by Jason in the 19.3 announcement topic. They are testing out new possibilities so that they don’t have to delayed the A350 later!

If you want to see them in Infinite Flight, make sure to give them a vote (if you haven’t already).

oh yeah, its a beautiful plane and i hope it gets treated with a bit more respect in the future

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I voted a long time ago :)


They will get there just give them time.

For sure they will get there with the brilliant work they are doing, i just think it would be good to prioritize the worst for ware such as the 757.