Order number 36

Hello everyone. This past weekend me and the boys from the Secret Spotter Society took a trip to Los Angeles to do some spotting. It was my first time there and that was pretty cool. Anyways onto the pictures.

To start off we got United 787 Evo Blue rotatin outta LAX

Next we got Korean Air Cargo 747 doin it’s thing takin off

Here we got a Kalitta 77F headed for the land down under

Also another Kalitta Air 747 headed for Anchorage

Next off we got a flying pencil bound for Chicagooo

Here we got a Japan Airlines 787 headed for Tokyo as a Southwest 737 lands to its right

Virgin Airline 787 comin in from LHR

China Eastern A330 from China

Atlas Air 747 headed for Tokyoooo

And lastly we’ve got an Emirates A380 comin in from Dubai

Thanks for stopping by, and part 2 will be out soon!


You should have a plane spotting YouTube channel

Speedyyy 😮. Omg these are awesome!

he did the thing guys he did the posting thing


He did the thang

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No way he actually named it that

Was order number 36 a double double with no tomato, fries well done, and a vanilla shake…it better have been.

Awesome photos!!

shoulda been order number 27


Legend has it order 27 still hasn’t been picked up


Also HOW IS THIS OUT ALREADY I’m still an hour from home


kinda funny that nobody else really knows about this, and yet the mods are probably sick of us by now :)


This sounds like my order 👀


@ deer crusher

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Bro these are awesome holy crap

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@TheAviation_YT i might idk haha

@MJP_27 thanks mason jar

@Guxk i did a thing

@den.aviation i did

@Altaria55 i really did

@Thunderbolt order #36 was a burger with ketchup and mustard only, fries and a chocolate shake

@Noah_Wills thanks!

@AndrewWu cuz i got nothing to do so might as well

@Etrain nah the mods love us. right Deer 😁

@Cameron_Stone cap



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Great pics mate! Should definitely visit LAX more often ;)

Some real gems, great shots.

I watched you pull the tomato off your burger but ight

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