Order number 27, order number 27, order number 27

Hello I’m back with part 2 of my LAX spotting trip. Let’s go into it!

United 739 MAX Evo Blue bound for Boston

Atlas 747 headed for Seoul

FedEx MD-11 blasting outta LAX as the mountains loom in the distance

Eva 77W taxiing to 25L before heading to Taipei

United 777 takin off as an Alaskan 737 taxis behind it

Turkish 77W on final after a long flight from a Istanbul

Asiana A350 on final from Seoul

Alaska “More To Love” getting tugged away

Polar 748 rotatinnnnn

The viewssss

Hope y’all enjoyed!


What was in order 27?

We will never know

Also Caleb did a pan!! This is exciting news


aw thx honey

Good number you chose for the order. And my oh my Speedyyy, these are awesome photos!

Legend has it that order number 27 is still being called…

But this is a Max 9…

Yooo these are awesome! 🔥

A double cheeseburger and large fries with water

Caleb you pulled an @Altaria55


Not sure what’re you’re talking about

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@AndrewWu huh

@SWAviator thanks!

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im pretty sure thats fedex

Idk what ur talking about

fair enough

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When he kept mixing up the maxes and ngs


adam moment

Except that’s a DC-10

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If someone corrects my post one more time i’m taking your rights away ❗️❗️