ORD/YYZ/MSP routes for tomorrow's IFATC staffing

New to the forum, apologies if this is meant to go elsewhere but I’m excited for tomorrow’s ORD IFATC staffing. New to IF, started around the beginning of the year and I happen to live right on the 28C approach to Ohare, right at the SEIKA waypoint. Get to see some cool hardware float over my house!

I dug up some routes with some of my favorite IF planes for tomorrow, and figured I’d share in case anyone else was interested! These are mostly short hops, with a few medium and one long haul.

Obviously there’s many more with other aircraft, but hopefully some of you find this useful.

MSP - ORD, DL700 A220

MSP - ORD, AA566 B738

MSP - ORD, UA1791 B738

MSP - YYZ, DL3920 E75L

YYZ - ORD, AC509, A220

YYZ - ORD, UA5580, E75L

YYZ - ORD, UA1538, B38M

LGA - ORD, DL1444, A220

BOS - ORD, B6611, E190

SLC - ORD, DL2193, A220

IND - ORD, AA1163, B738

DCA - ORD, AA1630, B738 (chrome livery)

CLE - ORD, UA411, B38M

JFK - ORD, B61105, E190

MKG - ORD, 9X472, C208

DFW - ORD, AA1754, B738

MUC - ORD, LH434, A350


Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing these. There are some cool route ideas with a nice variety. Which one are you doing?


I approve of this message as a Minneapolisite.

Other quick fun ones to do are FAR-MSP (DAL 739), DLH-MSP (Skywest E175), and Delta’s shortest route, RST-MSP, at 17 minutes on Skywest’s E175 or CRJ-900.

Kinda sounds like parasite, is it similar?

That hurts 💀

I guess you could say we’re parasitically nice?

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I thought about the Fargo one too, might try that too!

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Thanks for the welcome! Doing Air Canada from Toronto, American from Dallas, Delta from Minneapolis, and maybe a few more. Hoping the winds are right for the 28C approach.

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I’m going to fly this one with the C208 rework!

Thanks for sharing these routes!


Already done IND>ORD, ORD>YYZ>ORD, SPI>ORD, on MSP>ORD now!

Happy to see all the traffic at my home airport on IF!