ORD has no SIDs πŸ˜‚

So I was about to do a flight from KORD to test the 777 and I was filing a flight plan when I noticed that KORD had no departure routes.

So I looked up departure charts for KORD and it turns out the only procedure is radar vectors to a single waypoint depending on your direction of travel.

And I thought - isn’t it funny that one of the largest airports in the world doesn’t have proper departure procedures.


Same thing with KPHL, I thought it was a glitch.

I believe that in real life, KORD uses IFR departures, which are proper procedures.

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Even though Jason said it would all be there it is not the case. Many airports are still missing their procedures.

KORD does not have any SIDs in real life thus why there is none available. As for KPHL most likely the same thing.

Maybe it’s because there are so many runways that it would create a mess to ATC, so they prefer just vectoring

As @infiniteflight_17 said, this is how it is in the real world :) Chicago is busy airspace so there must be some interesting reason why they prefer to go with radar vectors instead.

Our data in the US also uses FAA data which is updated monthly and should cover all airports that have procedures.


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