OrcaKid’s ATC for fun (CLOSED) Please vote for where I could go next!

Just for fun!

Location: KSLC
Frequencies: Tower
Times: 5:50pm pst- 6:20pm pst
Remarks: no pattern work.
Server: Training
Stats: Closed

Just for fun? Tracking threads are opened by people who want to practice their controlling, and ask this community to fly for them give them their feedback.

If that is not what you are doing, then please don’t name this a tracking thread, but just an announcement that you’re opening somewhere.

If you are practicing your ATC skills, the I recommend you don’t deny pattern work.


Thanks! Fixed!

And I just dislike having to deal with pattern work.

This SLC tower is now closed (3mins early because only 2 planes came in 30 mins)

Where do you think I should do my next ATC for fun airport?

  • KDEN
  • KEWR
  • PHNL
  • YSSY
  • TNCM

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If you have other options please PM me.

Dealing with pattern work is how you improve your ATC skills. It’s extremely easy as well!


Pattern work is core to what ATC does. If you don’t like pattern work, then ATC is not the right thing for you to pursue.

On the other hand if you just aren’t comfortable with it then practice - it gets easier.

Also want to double down on everything @azeeuwnl said. If you are serious about developing your ATC skills allow pattern work. If you just want to enjoy arrivals and departure - that’s fine - but don’t call it a tracking thread. It will siphon traffic away from people that are working toward IFATC.


That’s fine. Just don’t become an IFATC then. Cause you will dislike it,


I don’t intend to. I like flying more than atc.

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