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Hello Everyone

I hope Y’all are happy and healthy, I am as I have just started my Summer Holidays! (Australia) and I have an interesting Aircraft to show you today!


I doubt a lot of you have heard of the Orbis MD-10, it’s basically a re-fitted FedEx DC-10, with MD-11 cockpit instruments and nine individual modules; ranging from a classroom, waiting room, simulator room, operation theatre and many more! All inside of the pre-existing freight compartment.

Orbis is a company that aims to restore sight to those who are blind. They primarily fly to third world countries were hospitals are limited with supplies and limited in numbers. Below I have linked the feature request for the Orbis MD-10 as well as an insight video to the aircraft!

Feature Request

Click Here

YouTube Video

Click Here

Orbis’ Website

Click Here

Thanks for scrolling through and I wish you all a happy Christmas and a healthy new year! - Pancake 🙂


Thats cool, enjoy your holidays :-)


Really cool! But doesn’t this go u see #real-world-aviation


Come on man, your a regular. You should know by now what category to post stuff in.

Kevin, everyone makes mistakes, it’s fine that he put it in the wrong category. Cool plane though, right? I definitely hope I can see more of this plane!


Yeah I just realised I spent a lot of time on the post it’s self than the category. Then my mum squawked at me so I forgot. 😐


Lovely to see DC-10’s put to good use

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I believe this was converted out here at VCV.

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This is a nice aircraft for people with visual impairments and disabilities (like me)


Hey! I remember seeing a documentary about this plane when I was 6!

I refused to get off the couch and eat lunch 😂

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Very interesting aircraft, I like how the main purpose is to teach doctors, nurses, theatre staff and ophthalmologists modern practice from their remote locations.
Surely a much more sustainable practice, than simply flying in, operating where required then jetting off again.
Now to add my vote to the feature request!

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Yes it’s purpose is fantastic! It helps and teaches! Thanks for popping by :) and Merry Xmas

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