Orbis Flying Eye Hospital MD-10

This is something you don’t get everyday. This is the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. It is a place where people that want to train to become a doctor can train. Like I said this is something I never knew about. It will be a special Livery for the DC-10.

If you want more information on this aircraft go here


Yea I have seen this before and in general I would like to see the DC-10 in IF.


Does it fly?

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Yes, why do you think they call it the “Flying” Eye Hospital DC10?


Looked it up on Google, can’t find any pictures of it flying.

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I would love to see this livery if the DC-10 comes to IF :)

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Here’s the link to it flying since I can’t post more thank 1 picture.
Click Here


Thanks Bulba!

That is really cool! :)

yep it flys to different parts of the world to do eye operations, both on the aircrafts own on board theatre as well as setting up eye clinics ‘up-country’. There is an interesting documentary on youtube I found the other day about the preparation for flying to different countries and what they do once they get there. Staffed fully by volunteers. . Search for “Orbis”.

I’ve seen this here in Macau, it comes every few years. I even managed to get a picture :)

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I’m still confused on why they have decided to do eye surgery in the air.

They don’t do it in the air, they fly to various countries with doctors, and do it in the hospital or something I believe.

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Oh ok😂. That makes much more sense. But I think once I saw something on a documentary about them doing it in the air. I think I’m just going crazy.

I saw this thing parked at Moffett earlier this year. Wondered what the hell it was.

I think they upgraded to an MD-10 recently.

One of the few DC-10s that isn’t a cargo one and is still flying

With rise of DC10 topics I myself will bring this one back if they wants.

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I was just going to bump this. Unique company and unique livery.

Would love to see this!