Orange2Fly Airbus 320-200

I have noticed a brand of airliner and details are in the picture. Really interesting aircraft, brand and livery.

The website declares that it is a new, rapidly growing Greek airline. It seems it is a charter airline.

Picture Source: Brian T. Richards,

All I see is a generic A320… I don’t exactly see a livery in this…


In my opinion, because its a new brand, they will add more and more on to the body for livery. And yes i agree, there is just a little little livery example on engines. Thats all. Maybe they need some time.

I can see only livery for engines 😂

P. S. That’s how starter pack works for new airlines 😉

image <- Credits
Here is a pic of their actual livery.


Greek, sounds nice

Eh honestly I don’t see why this specific livery is needed as it relates very closely to the already existing generic livery. Never heard of this airline though, I’ll look into them!

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