Orange Window on Boeing House 787-8?

A quick question and may be a silly one to, If you go to the 787-800 Defualt Boeing House Livery, You will see a Orange Window / Glass on the very front passenger window of the plane.

If you know what it is, please reply or it’s maybe just a little bug.

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I believe this is on the real plane. I think it’s a part of testing equipment or sometning.


Maybe it is, I’ll check some images online!

Here. It is part of the real aircraft.



Ok! Thanks for letting me know!

I believe it’s to show, if there’s an emergency, if it’s safe for the firemen to open the doors and get people out. If its on it means the inflatable escape slides are armed and if it’s not on it’s the opposite. Because, if they open the doors while the slides are armed, someone will get hurt.

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